The goal of WWJD is to pay attention to the presence of John in our lives with the hope that those around us will get a glimpse of John so they change their lives to become better, freakier people.
 Bracelets, books, albums, and other WWJD items, in and of themselves, don't mean much. It's what we allow them to do in our lives that are important. Wear and share the bracelet to bravely witness John with your friends, and to keep you from caving in to temptations. Whenever you have a tough decision to make and you are afraid you may make the wrong choice, look to this bracelet for inspiration and think to yourself… “What Would John Do” Hopefully this will keep you from caving into temptations such as but not limited to “staying home on a Tuesday night since you have to work on Wednesday”. 
Work through the 30-day Spiritual Challenge (follow John for a month through the Dallas Nightlife) to begin the adventure of living your life the crazy John-way. And be encouraged along the way, by listening to the WWJD albums (John’s very eclectic CD collection) (a great witnessing tool as well!) and reading the WWJD Interactive Devotional (John’s many inspiring emails). 
So as you go through your daily routine, look to this bracelet as a symbol and reminder to always ask....

“What Would John Do”